Uni-ko puts the spotlight on people and stories to be seen and heard, especially focusing on the Korean-American presence in the ever-growing city of Atlanta. There seemed to be a growing need for an encouraging culture and a hub to network and connect so many of Atlanta's successful creatives and doers, and uni-ko hopes to tell those stories faithfully and honestly.

According to the U.S. 2010 census, Georgia is home to some 52,000 Koreans, up from about 28,000 in 2000. We can only guess that the trend did not stop at the time of the census and that the population has continued to grow steadily in the past five years. Koreans have mostly settled in the northern region of metro Atlanta, most heavily concentrated in the city of Duluth - about twenty-five miles north of the capital - where they make up about 30% of its population. The Korean language is the third most spoken language in Georgia, only after English and Spanish.

With such an emerging culture in our prominent city, uni-ko hopes to chronicle the stories that undoubtedly transpire out of daily human struggles, triumphs, and failures. It is our dream that these stories will inspire and unite us, unifying us under a larger narrative than one we had previously known.